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special mattress and tactical team

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App on your phone or smart watch or health monitoring device detects when you yawn and then alerts s.M.a.t.t. team (special Mattress and tactical team)

The s.M.a.t.team responds by racing to your reported location with a comfy mattress, a soft pillow and clean sheets for you to take a nap immediately wherever you are.

vfrackis, Oct 17 2014

The fall is at 42 seconds, they don't show the team showing up... http://www.youtube....watch?v=dem262a0cNo
[normzone, Oct 17 2014]


       Just keep a standing account for me at work, okay?
RayfordSteele, Oct 17 2014

       How much does a membership cost?   

       I saw some outtakes at the end of a Jackie Chan movie where he took a fall off of a chain he was hanging onto.   

       He hit the ground hard, and IMMEDIATELY two guys appeared with an air mattress and a blanket. The mattress went on the ground, Jackie was picked up and placed on the mattress, and the blanket went over him all in a few seconds.   

       He writhed and moaned in as comfortable a manner as possible, then shortly afterwards, being Jackie Chan, got back to work.
normzone, Oct 17 2014

       + They'd be following me around all the time!
xandram, Oct 17 2014

       [-] sorry I generally like [vfrackis] ideas but this mattress delivery idea is none too impressive.
rcarty, Oct 17 2014

       It does, however, include appropriately spaced paragraph breaks.
normzone, Oct 17 2014

       I'm going for another kind of presentation.
rcarty, Oct 18 2014

       If you could describe to the best of your ability what it is that's missing, what's that special something that you feel is absent?
vfrackis, Oct 18 2014

       Not sure. Maybe I don't like the monitoring devices and the tactical team. Even one that encourages you to take a nap anytime you're feeling tired is sort of contrary to the other extreme of the labor camp tactical team that is ready to give you a whipping at the first sign of slowing, of course they operated in another surveillance system prior to this technology. So if your idea was sort of about disciplinary system and stuff like that, at least on some level of cognition, then I think it's good, but a little more proof of intent that you're making that point would be nice, instead of alluding to a joke that may not be intended and leaving the madman laughing at the rain. Or even worse being a normal and not seeing the surveillance and tactical team and voting for hnappy naps and consenting to the construction of utilitarian infrastructure.
rcarty, Oct 18 2014

       Splendid Idea, [vfrackis]!   

       But, uh... what exactly to these guys do immediately AFTER the emergency mattress has been delivered and staged? Shirley, they slouch about waiting for said nap to conclude so they can recover the goods, no? (Union wages, right? But what can you do...)   

       No matter! I give it Two Buns Up [+][+]! Sign me up right away --- I just ate a substantial breakfast and I'm feeling a bit drowsy.
Grogster, Oct 18 2014

       " consenting to the construction of utilitarian infrastructure "   

       Now I begin to understand...
normzone, Oct 22 2014

pashute, Oct 23 2014

       I'll take the "snacks" option as well.
FlyingToaster, Oct 23 2014


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