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sectional white board marker
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A white board marker with breakable sections so capacity to dry out is limited. This pen would be equivalent to the breakable craft blades, although more complex.

The pen would have 15mm sections each with its own felt tip. The sections would plug into the last section to maintain pen length and writing comfort.

The sections could be mass produced as little pens, clipped together and then given a breakable seal.

One of life's little experiences just slightly altered.

wjt, Jul 08 2013


       I think this is a very halfbaked idea that will sadly fade to obscurity due to the author having chosen not just an unoriginal name for the product but an unoriginal name that makes no more sense now than it did then.
Alterother, Jul 08 2013

       You could do this with currently available markers. Instead of breaking one marker into sections, assemble several markers, each cap plugging into the backend receiving dock of the next. There would be a finite length possible before the marker would break under its own weight. This length could be increased by having more than one person use the pen, or fortifying the junctions with rubber cement.   

       I think a nice two or three foot pen should be easily feasible. wjt, please link video of yourself testing out described polypen. Maybe writing a little haiku on the dry erase board, for demonstration purposes.
bungston, Jul 08 2013


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