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Spool Pen

A spool of paper ribbon inside a pen for note taking.
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A spool of paper ribbon on the end of a pen or pencil can be fed infront of the marker point as you write, and the writing implement slowly turned to make room for new characters as your recorded words are respooled. A window in the side of the pen allows for later viewing of the recorded words. This makes for a compact writing and reading device.

Alternatively the pen contains no ink, but only the spool of paper, which dispenses a ribbon against the flat clear plastic writing tip. A pen nib that points vertically from the desktop, upon a bright backlight, is pressed against the exposed paper ribbon. By moving this paper pen in a similar manner as a conventional ink pen, legible markings can be made upon the surface of the paper ribbon for later review.

rcarty, Dec 20 2012


       I was trying to Google "pen with paper" and got several suggestions for how to finish that search term. I picked "pen with paper inside" and got a lot of results.
baconbrain, Dec 20 2012

       So what? None of the results describe this idea.
rcarty, Dec 20 2012

       If anyone wants a large scale model of their own it can easily be constructed using a roll of toilet paper, a long wrapping paper tube and a clear plastic regtangular sweets container, a marker tip can protrude from a cardboard box writing surface, and put a bright smartphone screen under it.
rcarty, Dec 21 2012

       [rcarty], that helps. I am having trouble visualizing what you plan, and I should have been clearer that I was asking for more detail.
baconbrain, Dec 21 2012

       Basically its like a casette recorder , that you encrypt with handwriting instead of magnetizing. It has a ribbon of paper that is about 1cm wide and perhaps many meters long. This ribbon of paper is in a spool. The ribbon is dispensed to the end of the pen so that markings can be made upon it. These markings can be later be referenced.
rcarty, Dec 21 2012

       Thanks, [rcarty]. I was having a slow day here ...
baconbrain, Dec 22 2012

       I think this is kind of nuts, but technically, it might work. [+]
Kansan101, Dec 23 2012


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