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Transparent pen

Appears clear!
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Wouldn't it be cool to have a biro that is completely clear and colourless (including the ink) but writes normally on paper? Surely it's not beyond the realms of science to invent some ink that appears colourless in the pen but reacts with the paper to appear in glorious colour? Don't drop it, though, or you'll never find it again...
DrJon, Jul 11 2002

Uni-ball Fusion http://www.uniball-...om/main.taf?p=1,3,4
The body of the pen isn't transparent. Yet. [Vernon, Oct 04 2004]


       I have enough trouble with people running off with my pen,never mind my screwdriver - why would I want it invisible?
po, Jul 11 2002

       //Wouldn't it be cool //   

       Be very, very careful when you use words like these..   

       Nice Idea, like it - I believe that there's a lot of bleach in white paper, perhaps it could react with this.
yamahito, Jul 11 2002

       only Bob is authentic
po, Jul 11 2002

       po: so am I, actually (I have a PhD, anyway). Also, regular BICs are transparent except for the ink and the nib, and I'm sure you don't lose those. A fine idea.
DrCurry, Jul 11 2002

       Apologies for the use of the word "cool" I was stuck in a timewarp somewhere.   

       Surely if your pen was invisible it would would stop people running off it - it could be sitting under their noses and only you would know it was there!   

       (By the way, I didn't spend 6 years at medical school not to be called Doctor!)
DrJon, Aug 07 2002

       CRUNCH. "OW. MY B******G FOOT. Why don't you kids ever tidy away your things?" "Jeez, Mum, Lucy threw them down somewhere and we can't find them." "Well, just call DrJon and get him to mend my B*******G foot then..."
PeterSilly, Aug 07 2002

pashute, Nov 01 2002

       Dr Jon, having a biro will never be cool - didn't they teach you anything at med school? Neat idea though.
egroup, Jul 02 2003

       It seems that the folks at uni-ball have been looking in! I was just in my local supermarket when I came accross their "fusion" rollerball. It "looks clear (sic) writes colour...". Great minds must think alike (2 years later...)
DrJon, Sep 15 2003

       i've seen this before
-----, Nov 14 2004

       Seen what? It's invisible.
bristolz, Nov 14 2004


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