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Select the 'fittest' picture

Picture set-up via selection...
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Richard Dawkin's Biomorph program allowed you evolve small plant-like creature thingies by selecting from a grid of candidates that varied by a single 'gene' of information.

The candidate that got selected formed the basis of the next round; letting you evolve your creature without necessarily knowing the underlying genetic parameters you were altering.

Ok - so on your TV, you have brightness, contrast, sharpness etc.

Instead of adjusting each of these parameters individually , why not have (say) four screen-in-screen pictures that vary slightly in their 'genetic' makeup (eg contrast +1, brightness -1) and let the user drill-down until they find their perfect picture.

monojohnny, Jun 26 2006

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_blindness http://en.wikipedia...iki/Color_blindness
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_blindness [monojohnny, Jun 26 2006]


       Just realised the title may give the false impression that this is an idea for enhanced porn-surfing.   

monojohnny, Jun 26 2006

       What about variations in colour-vision ?   

       Or if you are trying to pick out a feature in the background of a film....
monojohnny, Jun 26 2006

       What if there are 4 perfect pictures, sort of like Lagrange points? One might cycle between them endlessly, as weeks and months pass...
bungston, Jun 26 2006

       Spending weeks and months on the sofa cycling between pictures on the tv....that's what tv's are for isn't it ? ;-)   

       I had to look them Lagrange points...interesting...
monojohnny, Jun 26 2006


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