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Shortwave DTV

Transmit limited definition DTV over Shortwave
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Shortwave? Slow down that Stanley Steamer there Gugliermo, this is the 21st century! Well because of the advances in technology, highly efficent video and audio codecs, we can now transmit video in very small bandwith, such as is available on shortwave radio, and shortwave can be recieved anywhere in the world with a big enough spool of wire (ghetto antenna), this would allow people in the middle of nowhere, who would never know what is happening in the world thanks to remoteness or repressive governments, to get (admitedly low quality) programming from all over the world with just a TV and a small converter box. This idea was sort of presented before on Halfbakery in "Simpsons on Shortwave" but its still a good idea.
Hirudinea, Jun 09 2009




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