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Slapstick Sensor

Ba dum dum tsssss....
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Watching a generic comedy channel today I realised just how much terrible humor there is in television. I mean really really terrible cliche slapstick pie-in-the-face comedy.

I'd like to see a device you install into your television that senses these ridiculoulsly un-funny punchlines and chilches and deliever a little drum-crash repetoire.

this coule be done using a word recognition program.

This has little - if any use, but would definately make the cliches a lot more barable.

shinobi, May 19 2006

scroll down to jape lecture http://corky.net/sc...eHollywoodBowl.html
[zeno, May 22 2006]


       And what the hell is wrong with pie in the face?
methinksnot, May 20 2006


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