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Self-Adjusting Sunscreen

Auto-Dimming particles in lotion
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We have glasses and welder's masks that auto-dim to shade the eyes from harmful light. Couldn't one apply the same principal to sunscreen so that it allowed a constant amount of light to the skin? Could you also apply this to paint? This would allow for different pictures for different light levels.
Holeinmysock, Mar 22 2006

Halfbakery: Sun tan lotion that tans itself Sun_20tan_20lotion_20that_20tans_20itself
Talks about those auto-adjusting sunglasses - is that the same idea? [jutta, Mar 24 2006]

Nanoparticle Sunscreen http://www.sciam.co...DF-32AE048E858F385C
Sunscreen that adjusts itself has been created. [Holeinmysock, Aug 25 2007]


       Self-Adjusting Sunscreen in sport: sliding category? Croissant just for that.
methinksnot, Mar 22 2006

       Fixed, now in a category where someone will find it.
sartep, Mar 24 2006

       didn't you here him?? He gave you a croissant for that!!??
the fiddler, Mar 24 2006

       Croissant withdrawn as daft category choice has been corrected to unimaginative one.
methinksnot, Mar 24 2006

       mts(runny user)gives + for category
someone sharp puts idea in a better place
mts(runny user<offers tissue>)withdraws +
this place is mad.

       why don't annos get things shifting like they used to?
po, Mar 24 2006

       Sometimes there's just not much to say. It's a sunscreen that self-adjusts, based on a technology the poster doesn't understand.
Worldgineer, Mar 24 2006

       <takes tissue>
<blows nose, again>
<winks and smiles at [po]>
<gives a knowing nod to [Worldgineer]>
methinksnot, Mar 24 2006

       [fiddler] Please stop complaining.
DesertFox, Mar 25 2006

       /why don't annos get things shifting like they used to/   

       24's on in five minutes <flattened by massive stampede>
egbert, Mar 28 2006

       Is this magic? I thinkthis is magic. Maybe not the science or the process, but the application of the process.
PollyNo9, Mar 28 2006

       For those of you who doubted,   

       www.sciam.com, and search for "sunscreen"   

       or, I added a link for you =)
Holeinmysock, Aug 25 2007


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