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Self-Adjusting Waist Strap

Can detect just the right amount of tension to hold your pants up.
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Instead of unbuttoning your pant's top button after a large meal, the self-adjusting waist strap would detect that there was too much tension and give a little slack until the tension on the strap reached normal levels again. And once you have begun to digest the food are aren't as bloated, the strap would tighten up again to keep your pants from falling off. Would allow more room than elastic, and elastic starts to get damn tight after a while. Would be particularly useful during large family get togethers where lots of food will be eaten by all.
sanwogawoga, Dec 03 2002

Popularity Of Elastic Waistband is Spreading http://www.madetome...ures/waistband.html
03 Dec 02 | "No doubt the increased presence of the instantly adjustable waistband option has resulted in part from the aging baby boomer generation, many of whom complain that their waistlines are going south. " [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]


       No, elastic won't maintain a constant tension sufficient to forestall Unplanned Trouser Descent. It needs to be a constant force device and springs, elastic etc. won't work. I've been mulling along simiar lines myself and the thought I came up with was a smart belt buckle with serrated rollers that measured the force on the fixed part of the belt and pulled the tongue in and out accordingly on a minute by minute basis, with a "relax" sensor for use during big stuffy meals. But I've been beaten to it.   

       Croissant !
8th of 7, Dec 03 2002

       Look, elastic bungies are used as springs in aircraft suspensions; it'll work fine in this role, too. Don't need any serrated roller nonsense.   

       [sanwogawoga] without a description of how it is your self-adjusting waist-strap actually works, it is hard for anyone to evaluate the idea very well and unscrupulous users may hijack the idea and start going on about about feedback loops, Young's modulus, Hook's law and other things no one wants to read. So, it is better if you dwell on how it works rather than the reasons that you need, or want, it to work.
bristolz, Dec 03 2002

       I demand closed-loop feedback through a PID controller to mantain constant tension under all service conditions <mutter, mutter> helicopter pilots, damn elastic band merchants all of them, madness if you ask me, proper aircraft have oleo-pneumatic struts; I mean, skids, I ask you, helicopters have skids, who uses skids other than the Wright brothers, and they only went a hundred metres, no good will come of it I tell you ..... </mutter mutter>
8th of 7, Dec 03 2002

       Elastic waistband pants have no button and are, therefore, inherently closed loop. Mr. curmudgeonly oleo strut man.
bristolz, Dec 03 2002

       Young's modulus ...... Hook's law ...... I rest my case.
8th of 7, Dec 03 2002

       I think I must have one of these, but it's broken. It seems just to get tighter and tighter as the months go by.
whimsickle, Dec 03 2002


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