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shirt bag thing and club fashion thingy

I need a better name for this idea ...
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Okay, imagine a shirt with a band of bag-strap quality material imbedded in it. The strap would run diagonal across the body. At your hip there are two d-rings. Clip your bag on there, the weight is transferred to the built in strap. Now the strap won't get tangled in your shirt. Could be sold as high fashion 'integrated' clothing item, to be worn to clubs (sans-bags, much like cargo pants that are worn sans-hammer)

See the image if you don't get it.

futurebird, Jul 27 2001

It would work like this: http://futurebird.d...ages/shirtthing.gif
Take a look [futurebird, Jul 27 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You could have ruck-sack syle shoulder straps sewn in as well. These could take ruck-sacks, baby carriers, heavy stuff, etc. or could even be used to attatch yourself to suitable fittings on lifts, trains, and so on when there's no room inside.
lubbit, Jul 27 2001

       // I need a better name for this idea.. //
Might I suggest "Special D-Livery".
The Military, Jul 28 2001

       awww you can do better than that!
futurebird, Jul 29 2001

       <grin>Sure. But can you?</grin>
The Military, Jul 29 2001

       "Weeeeee don't need no steeeeeenkeeeng bag thingeeees."
'bagolier' springs to mind
thumbwax, Jul 29 2001

       Somewhere, Alfonso Bedoya smiles. Very nice.
The Military, Jul 31 2001

       My 'Bay Creek Classic'™ has d-rings on the breast pockets, now you're the first to suggest a use for those! Great idea, and worthy.
reensure, Aug 01 2001

       Swedish brand "Dunderdon" makes trousers with D-rings attached to the belt straps. Their line includes plenty of bags, puches etc, even an apron to aid in carrying heavy loads. They also make a sturdy harness to attach even more things to and, I suppose, to help keep your heavily laden trousers from dropping...
kvaternion, Dec 03 2001

       cannot make up my mind if you are trying to capture a bloke for the night or getting him to carry your shopping or both
po, Dec 03 2001

       This will finally allow us to coordinate our cargo pants with someting a little more stylish than a photpgrapher's vest...   

       Well, maybe not me, since guys dont generally use purses in this neck of the woods...   

       Whatever. The world needs more D rings on clothing.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 12 2007


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