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"The Clapper" Belt Buckle

Belt Buckle and other clothes that work with Clapper technology
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I want to be able to clap and have my belt buckle come undone and my pants unzip and fall to my ankles. Then I want to clap twice and have my shirt unbutton. Surely such clapper technology is possible on such a small scale as to fit on a belt buckle or into a button-like clothing device. Besides being smooth and impressing the ladies, it would be handy coming home after a long day at work.
smizzou, Jun 26 2001


       There are too many comic possibilities to name..and this could give new meaning to the phrase "off like a prom dress," but I don't trust those around me to refrain from clapping whenever I stand up.
randydarden, Jun 26 2001

beauxeault, Jun 26 2001

       It does sound prety dagerous, could you use voice recognition instead?
RobertKidney, Jun 26 2001

       As George III says in Blackadder III:
"I'm as happy as a frenchman whose just invented a pair of self-removing trousers"
goff, Jun 26 2001

       I think such a device might be prohibitively expensive. But if were the president it would be very handy. "Come here, Monica!" *clap clap*
juan2003, Jun 27 2001

       Hope it has Clap Recognition Software, just in case there is spontaneous thunderous applause... then again, maybe not.
thumbwax, Jun 27 2001

       I'd go for Fonzie-style finger-clicking myself, as the signal. *snap*... Heeeeey.
Guy Fox, Jun 28 2001

       This would go over VERY well at strip clubs
AfroAssault, Jun 28 2001


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