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Self-closing leftovers

A timesaving, resource-saving foodsaver
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What if you made cans and bottle caps from shape-memory alloys such as nitinol that return to factory shape-settings upon cooling? Self closing cans and pop bottles? Sure, it seems like we're getting lazier. But with all the other new frantic things we are expected to do in our everyday lives, why must we still rummage through the drawer for the clingwrap or the twist tie?
Trillian, Jun 07 2003


       P.S. I hate trying to line up the ziplocks and matching up lids to the right foodsavers, don't you?   

       And does anyone really have the knack of those foldover sandwich bags? Ugh!
Trillian, Jun 07 2003

       You don't need to use nitinol to get containers that will self-close when not in use. Plenty of plastic containers exist that are shaped so that you have to hold them open to eat or drink out of them, and snap shut afterwards.
DrCurry, Jun 07 2003


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