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Skateboard Courier Gloves

For Skateboarders Who Deal With High Density Urban Environments (i.e. almost all of them)
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There are two types of skateboarders, those who focus on tricks, and those who use their skateboards for transportation. there is overlap between the two, but i know people who skate to work who can't ollie to save their life (myself included).

there are a number of things you need to deal with when skating across town. pedestrians, overlarge sidewalk irregularities, small yappy dogs. where sidewalk skating is prohibited, cars and bicycles as well as streetlights need to be taken into effect.

for the commuter skateboarder, a pair of gloves that have a number of useful features. these features include, but are not limited to:

a detachable, shatterproof mirror on the back of the left glove,

a compass for direction finding on the right hand,

removable wrist splints for use as both wristguards and gloves,

a highpitched whistle for when cars are about to cut you off blindly,

a retractable strap that can be used to secure gloves and skateboard to backpack or bag

tcarson, Jun 06 2006


       i haven't come up with a good powersource yet. electro-magnets take a good bit of power. plus, it would totally corrupt the data on your iPod.   

       i do appreciate the Snowcrash reference though.
tcarson, Jun 06 2006

       well, that would hang off of the back of the board like a roll of tp. that way it would somewhat cushion crashes
tcarson, Jun 06 2006


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