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Self-tending bar of the future

A high tech bar where drinks are poured via articulated robotic arms
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The surface of the bar is high resolution liquid crystal beneath a capacitive touch screen beneath a sheet of tempered glass. A seamless virtual space is depicted where thousands of TV screens float by showing various sports events, news, fights, etc. patrons can touch something they like and send it to a much larger screen behind and above the bar with a flick of their finger. Mixed in with the little virtual TV screens are things like drink specials, wine list, lunch menu, etc. all appearing frequently enough that whatever you're looking for floats by within a moment of looking and if it's not your first time here you simply recognize them in your peripheral vision.

With a touch, the virtual drink menu is brought forward and opened before you. After a few swipes you select a cocktail.

Silently and instantly the drink pouring robotic arms that are mounted behind and underneath the bar move along their magnetic rails into place directly in front of you. Machinery built into the bar has simultaneously retrieved all the ingredients for your cocktail and placed them onto the tray that flips upward along with the arms and into view. The robotic arms then prepare your cocktail in a series of efficient precision movements and an entertaining site as bottles are twirled and ingredients tossed and caught.

Even a Bloody Mary complete with fresh chopped salary, carrot, two spanish olives, a puff of orange zest, and a splash of worcestershire sauce comes sliding towards you in a fraction of the time it would take the fastest human bartender.

Your tab appears beneath the glass. Tap it to close out.

The touch screen and software could facilitate friendly games among patrons sort of like uWink Bistros (just better executed).

The robotic hotshot bartender should probably be given some sort of head to seem less eerie and double as the speech interface accepting verbal orders and informing patrons that she is programmed to prepare over 10,000 cocktails, 4 types of sandwiches, and that tips are welcome. When idle she can pick up a set of juggling balls.

gordy, Jun 21 2013

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       Presumably there is a dedicated robotic arm that drops your change into the wet parts of the bar surface.
calum, Jun 21 2013


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