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Psychic restaurant

A restaurant owned and run by psychics
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You never need a reservation (they know you're coming), no menus (they know what you want), and no waiting around for the check (they know when you're ready to leave).
mthall, Jul 15 2001


       Waiter, there's a fly in my "Wavy Line".
Guy Fox, Jul 15 2001

       Would you get bad service from the psychic waiter because he knew you weren't going to leave a big tip? Or would he, knowing you are not a big tipper, give exemplary service in an effort to make you change your mind? Or would he give the same old poor service because he knows you know he's psychic? Or......   

Canuck, Jul 16 2001

       You know the old adage, "Never insult a waiter until they've served the last course - you never know what they'll do to the food."   

       Imagine waiting staff that can read your every thought. Are you pure enough of heart to feel safe eating the food?   

       None-the-less I can't bring myself to fishbone this. Here's a croissant for your trouble.
st3f, Jul 16 2001

       I've always wanted to collect psychic signs. That is, take the signs from the front of their businesses. If they had known someone was going to do that, they wouldn't have left the signs out at that particular time and place.
thumbwax, Jul 16 2001

       There's a Spiritualists' meeting room near where I live. One time I saw a note on the door saying, 'Tonight's meeting is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.'
angel, Jul 17 2001

       On the other hand, if I believed in psychics, the place I'd want to eat is the "Psychic's Restaurant" that is so-named because it's the place where all the psychics eat.
beauxeault, Jul 18 2001


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