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Self Contained Cue Extension

Allows the owner to reach those far away shots where a traditional screw in extension would be required
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Built into the handle of this cue is a hidden extension for those hard to reach shots. Rather than over extending yourself or wasting time screwing in a tradintional wooden extension, simply use the in-built extension.

Twist the butt end of the cue and extend the cue, via an in-built rod which is attached to the butt end piece of the cue. When the cue is fully extended, twist the butt to lock the exstention in place, and reverse the process to return the cue to its normal size.

No more carrying around of cumbersome extension pieces.

Muzzanator, Mar 24 2005

Telescopic cues, extensions, etc. http://www.justfax....asp?CID=14&SCID=217
I dunno, this Baked? [DrCurry, Mar 25 2005]

(?) Spring-Loaded_20Pool_20Cue What came from my inspiration [DesertFox, Mar 27 2005]


       Also great for barfights with NBA players.
AfroAssault, Mar 24 2005

       [Afroassault] A use I never thought of but your spot on there!!!
Muzzanator, Mar 24 2005

       I'm sorry, I'll try to get my spot off there before it stains. A little club soda...
AfroAssault, Mar 24 2005

       Goof Off.
bristolz, Mar 24 2005

       So really an Extending Cue, since you have to do it yourself.
Giblet, Mar 25 2005

       Why not have a version which extends when gas is released into it at high pressure - eliminating any need for moving your arm while hitting the ball.
fridge duck, Mar 25 2005

       fridge duck. I think you have yourself a brilliant idea. Go Halfbake it, and you have my vote.
energy guy, Mar 27 2005

       I denno. Having a long cue doesn't make my arms any longer. Assuming the worst of all scenarios, I'll just stick with the crutch. [-+]
contracts, Mar 27 2005

       Spring loading!   

DesertFox, Mar 27 2005

       A spring loaded cue already exists. Saw it in Wired years ago.
Giblet, Mar 29 2005


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