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Sell only a private, small-group viewiing license

Let users torrent and save money
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This business would not distribute or track movie or other video consumption. Rather it would sell only a license to have and watch a particular film. The licensee would be free to obtain the movie however he would like. If you want to watch Game of Thrones at your leisure without having to give up your privacy, be limited by venue, or sign an agreement you could go to this business's web site, pay a fee, and receive a license number authorizing you to watch it and store it on your personal device.
Voice, Aug 31 2016

UltraViolet https://www.myuv.com/en/us/redeem
Not sure how anonymous UltraViolet is. Also not from a torrent. Other than that it is similar. [xaviergisz, Aug 31 2016]

Muphry's law https://en.wikipedi...g/wiki/Muphry's_law
Mentioned in my anno. [notexactly, Aug 31 2016]


       With Humanity, there will always be the bell curve regarding thieft. If the pricing is fair most will pay. Why try and go to extreme efforts and costs to corral those last percent?   

       Although reasonable security is needed for organised crime syndicates, depending on how popular the product is, how it is priced and if it forced upon us.
wjt, Aug 31 2016


notexactly, Aug 31 2016

hippo, Sep 01 2016


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