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'Secret lucky day' present

Buy your friend a 'secret lucky day'
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The ultimate present for a colleague .. a secret lucky day.

Imagine the scene -- you've got a bit of money to spend .. so you pay for a company to give your best friend the ultimate secret 'lucky day'. He thinks tomorrow is going to be another normal boring Tuesday. It's not his birthday or Christmas -- just an average boring day.

He gets up in the morning and it starts off slow. The guy finds the central heating has made the whole house particularly cosy. The washing and ironing has been done .. in fact the whole house is looking like its been spring-cleaned (must have been the flat mates). The birds are singing, and the radio-alarm clock is playing his favourite hits.

As he starts nosing through his paper, his favourite breakfast has been cooked by someone (again - must have been the flat-mates?). His shares are up 3 points. There is no bad news in the paper, just some juicy gossip about his favourite celeb. He flicks on the TV and (through a hidden VCR) his favourite episode of Miami Vice is on. He stands on the weighing machine in the bathromm and .. whoa .. he's lost 15 pounds. (The scales were secretely altered in the night).

The phone rings .. its the boss. 'Computers are down, not worth you coming into work until 11:30 today. Sorry for the inconvenience .. we'll put you on to double-pay for the morning because I'm afraid you're gonna have to chill out at home'.

Thanking his lucky stars he goes back to bed for a lie-in. Gets a phone call from 'Susie and Michelle' the absolutely gorgoues secretaries. 'Hi, we've been kicked out of our flat .. can we come over and stay at yours this morning?'. They come over -- 1 thing leads to another .. you know what I'm saying. Afterwards Michelle wants to show off her mastery in the kitchen by cooking a full Brunch for the guy .. and insists a job isn't done right until she's finished off the washing up.

Finally at 11:20 he leaves the house to go to work. This is turning out to be his best day ever. Just about to step into his rusty old Ford, and a marketing guy stops him. 'Here at Ferrari we're running a campaign to prove our cars are fine for the average Joe. 'Would you mind taking this F360 and driving it from now onwards, for the publicity of it. Naturally we'll pay you and cover the insurance etc.'

He reaches work. After being promoted to the board, he gets shown his brand new office complete with digital satallite tv & radio (on which he hears his winning lottery numbers come up). His new role involves him checking out holiday resorts for the companys clients. And for that, naturally, he needs a company jet. Such promotion naturally comes with a huge bonus 'paid in advance'.

And the day goes on like this -- the ultimate 24 hours. The day afterwards he realises it was all a set-up organised in minute detail by 'Company X' but he's had the best day of his life .. completely unexpected. The ultimate present for all time, and memories to last a lifetime. A great deal better then buying the guy a cheesy wristwatch!

britboy, Mar 12 2004

King for a Day or So http://www.halfbake...20A_20Day_20Or_20So
Definitely not the same thing. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Boy, you must *really* like your colleagues [BB]. Would this not cause a bit of a come-down on the next day when everything is shit again?   

       Also, I note that part of this perfect surprise day depends on Susie and Michelle being willing to be prostitutes for a day. If any of the guys from my works came round and tried to get in bed with me I think I'd end up cowering in a corner with my hands over my eyes ........except for that new trainee guy..hmmmmm..   


       OK. Objection overruled.
squeak, Mar 12 2004

       The Modena would certainly add a bit to the tab.
bristolz, Mar 12 2004

       so this is a little bit like "The Game".
theircompetitor, Mar 12 2004

       Don't ever tell anyone they've won the lottery when they haven't.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 12 2004

       Can I get the 360 Stradale... with stripes?
thumbwax, Mar 12 2004

       Not a Scaglietti 612, [TW]?
bristolz, Mar 12 2004

       Just geeting told not to come into work would be enough dont lie or set the guy up, do a surprise its a free day.
krod, Mar 12 2004

       Bris - though I'm a fan of Ferrari 12 cyl. GT's through and through, the idea stated 360, so I limited my "choice" to the 8-cyl. A real shame the Scaglietti is getting such a lukewarm reception amongst tifosi, yet it's a *typical* pre-release response to 4-seater.
thumbwax, Mar 12 2004

       Their first v12 in a while, I think it handsome and a superb replacement for the 456.
bristolz, Mar 13 2004


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