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Officeworker PDA urges you to make certain kinds or efficacies of telephone calls at different times of day 2 or 3 more phonecalls approaches 10 pt more productivity
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MIT has a software system that gets a few more planes going through an airport per day for measurably vast value

the software makes flight decisions easier thus causing more flight appovals

That is just airports what about whole office cultures

I've thought a few times that an office system that urged people to make just 2 or three more phonecalls from work would amplify productivity as much as 10 pt

Basically I speculate that the emotional form of the phonecalls would go with Time: early would be generative explorative 2-5 pm would be firming up n decisionish IF that's measurable then a software system or pagerish PDA reminder to make a couple more phone calls from 2-5 pm would raise authentic productivity

This is associated with my perception that moving a project ahead is associated with decisions plus that nonmeeting nonmemo decisions per employee would correlate with actual preferred outcomes like um, more widgets moved

The MIT airport study feels like it supports this general idea

Technology: the pda gives different menus with different Boldness suggesting behavior possibilities to messages as well as buzzes to suggest positive actions particularly during 2-5 pm

The MIT software is actual load prediction software the psychology is described as "the process of conjuring such a picture can become so time-consuming that controllers decide not to let any flights out. Instead, they concentrate on landing the ones in the air.

But if too many departures are stuck at their gates, the arriving aircraft have no place to go once they land. The result is a major traffic jam.

DeLaura hopes that RAPT will take away some of the managers' burden, making more departures possible and thus minimizing delays. "

I think theres a daily Perceptual rhythm of expectancy n fulfillment which is different from actual possibilities of expectancy n fulfillment plus decision Thus this PDA software could nudge office workers Time-region beliefs n behaviors towards an optimum

I know this was sort of done with the movie Brazil where the guy had a little decisionmaker thingy on the desk, but this software rather than make the decision urges behaviors of efficacy at times of day when the officeworkers might otherwise give it a "call later"

I'm kind of thinking that depending on job function numerous officeworkers make 20 phone calls per d or fewer thus just three more telephone contacts per day is 10 pt more of something; if the phone calls are during 2-5 pm the psychology of the situation suggests these will be those action activities that actually nudge projects forward

I'm aware there's contact resource management (CRM) software I think the idea of nudging more phonecalls from 2-5 according to some metric is novel

People have different ways of being hesitant at different times of day as well I could imagine a little personality quiz on the PDA that actually urged some people to give messages a few hours or even overnight prior to a response

There's gotta be a better name than Serenzippity though, SserenZippity is kind of chance favoring the prepared mind plus serendipitous effects the person would have skipped as a result of their psychology of deferring office telephoning

beanangel, Mar 02 2009




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