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Tell them for me

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I was a fan of the short-lived Tom Green talk-show, in which occasionally a random audience member would be chosen for Tom to make a phone call - for instance, a girl got a tattoo and he told her mother, who was shocked (most phone calls were more interesting but alas harder to explain).

I think this would make a good telephone service in general. Break up with girl/ boyfriends, deliver unwelcome news, cancel dinner plans, and more without having to face that dreaded phone call.

It would double as a way to do phone trees - simply supply a message and the phone numbers to call and it will simultaneously contact each person, without you having to stay on the line and deal with each individual.

rgovostes, Jan 18 2005


       finally, a service for those who don't have the guts to tell their boss "find something sharp, preferably unweildy, and stuff in into a small bodily orrifice" (+)
schematics, Jan 18 2005

       isnt this the role of a secretary?
benfrost, Jan 18 2005


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