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Telephone call tracking

Telephone bills reflect purpose/dialer of call via billing codes
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Problem: Roommates/employees use the same phone to make long distance calls.

Suggestion: Require a pin number to be entered before each call. The telephone bills will reflect the pin number of the call and therefore the call's purpose and source.

Pin numbers could be assigned to projects, customers, persons or whatever is necessary for the telephone service customer to track.

Telephone companies could generate profits by charging additional fees for this pin number tracking service.

Sunstone, Oct 22 2005


       This is Baked for office systems (I have to enter account codes in the system I am currently using; it is a right royal pain in the neck).
DrCurry, Oct 22 2005

       VoIP makes this obsolete. Each VoIP phone has it's own authenticated user - you can log-in into a phone and log-out when you are done.
ixnaum, Oct 22 2005


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