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Serial Killer Show

16 people living together in a house, one of them is a serial killer but you don't know who.
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16 contestants living in the same house. One of them is a serial killer but you don't know wich one, neither do the other players. Now, every week, on that weekly special, one of them gets eliminated by getting killed by the serial killer... The other players must find out who the killer is while they're in the house, but will they manage to survive the distrust and the paranoia... Will they trust anyone... Will they cook... Will they kill each other... Who cares, as long as it's entertaining!
casual_friday, Sep 09 2002

The Thing http://us.imdb.com/Title?0084787
[calum, Sep 09 2002]


       Read "Dead Famous" by Ben Elton.
sild, Sep 09 2002

       We're all very tired. And nobody trusts anybody. Let's just sit here and see what happens.
Guy Fox, Sep 09 2002

       Cap'n'Crunch, Quaker Oats, Honey Comb, Lucy Charms and the Apple Jacks waited nervously in their bowls, each praying to be spared being drowned in milk by the cereal killer.
FarmerJohn, Sep 09 2002

       "He was found on his face in a bowl of milk with a banana in his butt. Looks like the work of a cereal killer."
StarChaser, Sep 11 2002

       Lurking in the shadows was the Honey monster waiting...waiting..waiting..
skinflaps, Sep 11 2002

       Perhaps they could all be death row inmates! Yeah! That'd be excellent!   


globaltourniquet, Sep 11 2002


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