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'Nobody Knows Why'

Takes the pointless popularity contests that are reality tv onward and downward.
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A TV show in the Big Brother, or possibly Pop Idol, style, with the small change that each week the audience are kept in the dark whether the person they're voting for is being voted to stay or leave.

Which would raise the question - "Why are these people voting?".

-alx, Mar 08 2002


       Anything which further lines the bottomless pockets of fat cat TV bosses at the expense of the innocent telephone pollster gets my vote.
stupop, Mar 08 2002

       It always amuses me how many people will take the time to register a "not sure" or "don't know" vote in telephone polls.
mcscotland, Mar 08 2002

       Having thought about this some more, I've concluded that, in all likelihood, the most popular and the most offensive people would be eliminated. That would leave us with a bland middle-ground person as the winner...it's hard to see how that outcome would differ from the more conventional shows.
-alx, Mar 08 2002

       [-alx] or life in general, that is a little too close to reality.
rbl, Mar 08 2002

       I voted neutral on this one.
angel, Mar 08 2002

       vote rigging, am telling on you PS
po, Mar 08 2002


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