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reality telly with lasers

evict contestants on big brother with a laser(like those laser games)
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on a big brother -type programme,the contestants could have low power lasers (not dangerous ,but if hit they leave the show) have a voting system where you dont vote who to evict, but who to keep,and each vote charges up that contestant's laser ,and they can choose who to laser once they have enough points of charge. this brings in an extra factor of accuracy.
technobadger, Jan 05 2001


       Watching a non-action version of lasertag would be about as enthralling as a garage door opener being used. But maybe this works in a different context.   

       For example, while waiting for their turn in a "battletech" style multiplayer shooting game, the audience could "row" or "pump" to charge the weapons or regenerate the armor of their favored current contestant. One might even use it to generate electricity for the games.
jutta, Jan 07 2001

       I read this as tasers. Maybe a show combining Big Brother and Biggest Loser, and contestants have tasers. It is the Late Cretaceous of Reality TV!
bungston, Jun 30 2008


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