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Serial Outfit

Mathematically serialized color coordinated outfits
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So for example this could be a complete out fit of two pairs of earrings, three shirts, four pants, five socks and six pairs of shoes, with the earrings colored black and white, the shirts colored red blue and yellow, the pants colored blue red yellow and green, the socks blue red yellow green and purple and the shoes blue red yellow green purple and Orange. Then just wear everything in a row, one day after another and let the outfits be determined. Know what you will be wearing 3 years out with our special app. Great for people who don't like surprises.
JesusHChrist, Jan 19 2015

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       I'm not wearing it unless it has spatterdashes.
Voice, Jan 19 2015

       Wearing more than one colour ar a time?   

       In fact, wearing anything except grey?   

       Are you weird?
pocmloc, Jan 19 2015

       What all the well dressed cereal killers are wearing this year !
popbottle, Jan 20 2015


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