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Server Bag

Fashion victim
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Carry cases for laptops, notebooks, netbooks and tablets are Baked and WKTE.

However, there is a market sector that has been inexplicably neglected.

There are some - usually SysAdmins - who find that they need on a regular basis to transport 19" rackmount servers.

Such devices, while delivering exceptional functionality in a compact form factor, are not outstandingly easy to transport. They are typically very heavy, have a plethora of sharp corners and sticking-out parts, are quite fragile (due to their high hard drive content) and remarkably large.

After studying the sort of voluminous bag with which a pizza delivery peon was* equipped, BorgCo engineers have now designed and constructed a range of Server Bags for the ÜberGeek on the go. With an outer skin of tough, black woven polypropylene, kevlar padding, and durable moulded nylon interior fittings to prevent tearing, these bags allow a server to be carried like a suitcase, slung over a shoulder on a strap, or attached to a backpack frame - subject only to the physical strength of the user.

Now, both you and your precious server can travel in style and safety.

Note that the Server Bag does not conform to the petty regulations for carry-on luggage imposed by the safety fascists employed by the airlines. However, this is simply a matter of widening the space under the seats by removing one or more of the support brackets, which fortunately are fairly fragile and made of soft aluminium alloy. A battery powered reciprocating saw is provided in an outside pocket of the Server Bag so that after a few seconds brisk cutting the Bag can be neatly slid under the seat and you can announce "See ? I told you it would fit !" to the astonished** cabin crew.

*We explained that we required not only the pizza, but the containing bag. They seemed strangely reluctant to hand it over.

** Other adjectives are available. BorgCo are not liable for any civil*** or criminal prosecutions which may result from sawing bits off someone else's aircraft without permission.

*** BorgCo do not recommend following this procedure on military aircraft**** as those in charge tend to take a more direct approach in such situations up to and including throwing you off the flight*****, most likely some minutes after it's become airborne.

**** Although most passenger-carrying military aircraft are far more accommodating than civilian ones in the matter of transporting heavy, bulky items with sharp corners.

***** Probably without a parachute; always unceremoniously.

8th of 7, Sep 12 2019

19” Rack Bag https://www.amazon....olley/dp/B0055OKO6G
6U 19” rack bag [Frankx, Sep 13 2019]

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       Does the simple phrase "And have my server delivered" not suffice?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 12 2019

       Have server, will come. (in his pants)
xenzag, Sep 12 2019

       Seems like the next standard form factor would be a pallet - put the rack on one corner, a coffee maker on top of a battery unit on the next corner, opposite the rack would be a microwave on top of a mini-fridge, and the final corner occupied by the chair containing the sysadmin. Shrink-wrap, deliver, recharge / reconstitute / resurrect.   

       You could pre-store different configurations with a variety of operating systems, mains adapters, and spoken languages.
lurch, Sep 12 2019

       ... all packaged together in one neat Cube ...   

       We like ! Doubleplusgood !!
8th of 7, Sep 12 2019

       If you suspended it from a hot air-balloon/dirigible, you could tell people the data on it was in "The Cloud".
zen_tom, Sep 13 2019

       Love it! [+]
Frankx, Sep 13 2019


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