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The Exorcist Kitchen Timer

Linda Blair egg timer
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The Exorcist Kitchen Timer consists of a small figure based on Linda Blair's portrayal of a demonic child from the famous comedy horror film.

To set the time, you simply press down on her head and rotate it to the desired number of minutes, which are inscribed around the neck area. Being from the Exorcist, the head naturally rotates towards its resting position which is facing to the rear.

When the set time is achieved, the clock blurts out a suitable obscenity from her data base of Exorcist movie quotes.

Deluxe version also dispenses guacamole (an idea I already posted on the hb - see link)

xenzag, Jan 11 2022

Linda_20Blair_20Guacamole_20Dispenser [xenzag, Jan 11 2022]


       weird and weirder +   

       She should puke raw egg
xandram, Jan 11 2022

       I believe she should have two faces on opposite sides. Good Linda and Bad Linda. The Linda which wakes you up will be a forecast for your day.
4and20, Jan 11 2022

       Anyone else hungry for pea soup all of a sudden?   


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