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The Seventh Seal Clock

Made from luxurious Wormwood
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It is dead of night. On your bedside table sit two figures by a chess board. One is a knight, fresh from the crusades. His hand over his brow, his sword by his side. The other is Death himself, quiet, content, shrouded in darkness.

The figures move slowly, deliberatly, and mechanically. The knight moves a piece on the chess board. Death brings up his hands, steeples them to think. He moves his piece, and the game continues.

Suddenly, Death whispers "check-mate". He knocks down the Knight's king, and "Dies Iræ" is sounded throughout the bedroom. You wake up, switch on the light and press the "off" button, conveniently located on the side of the chess-boards' table.

It is night time, and you must get up early in the morning. You set the alarm clock by twisting Deaths head around until the correct wake-up time is achieved. Then, press Deaths head in, and it will rotate back without disturbing the time. The figures will then set the chess-board, and their game will once again begin.

Knut, Dec 30 2003

Det Sjunde Inseglet - imdb http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0050976/
The Seventh Seal - imdb [Knut, Oct 04 2004]

Gravedigger http://www.monstert...ger/gravedigger.htm
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]


       That's one expensive clock!
phoenix, Dec 30 2003

       I don't get it. Why do you want to get up in the dead of night?
DrCurry, Dec 30 2003

       [phoenix] You can get a quartz clock for $0.99 these days. Anything above that is just for fun and that is priceless.   

       [DC] You could put on a death costume and scare little kids in the neighborhood by knocking at their bedroom windows. That's priceless too.
kbecker, Dec 30 2003

       phoenix: Its not expensive, merely exclusive. Wormwood only comes once a world, I hear.   

       DrCurry: You should've thought of that before you set the alarm.
Knut, Dec 30 2003

       A talking, chess-playing, animatronic clock - made entirely out of (any sort of) wood - would be priceless. The owner in the description obviously treasures it, as he's set its alarm for the sole purpose of getting up to set the alarm.
phoenix, Dec 30 2003

       Wormwood is a star.   

       I guess that you have not seen the film. Or know the significance of Wormwood. Or be able to see that its a pun.   


       Next idea must involve less culture and more monster trucks...
Knut, Dec 30 2003

       Wake up by monster truck? Now that's an idea.
python, Dec 30 2003

       Does it have two settings ? One for you, one for the Whore of Babylon next to you?
thumbwax, Dec 30 2003

       thumbwax: There are seven settings. One stops wind.
Knut, Dec 30 2003

       "Next idea must involve less culture and more monster trucks..."
One movie = culture therefore anyone not having seen that movie is reduced to beer-guzzling trailer trash? Somebody pass the macaroni and cheese...
phoenix, Dec 31 2003

       One piece of classic cinema, which is internationaly and critically acclaimed, and commonly regarded as being one of the greatest films ever made. And one book, internationally renouned, selling more copies than any book in the world ever. Therefor anyone who hasn't seen that piece of cinema, or hasn't heard of the Bible, is reduced to being invited to go and see the film.   

       But there is no doubt that monster trucks would appeal to a wider audience. Sadly.
Knut, Dec 31 2003

       There's no doubt that free food would appeal to a wider audience, too, but that doesn't make the participants uncultured - just hungry.
phoenix, Dec 31 2003

       Easy-Bake Clock?
Knut, Dec 31 2003

       This clock would be difficult to replace when you smash it to pieces when it interrupts an arousing dream.
whatastrangeperson, Jan 01 2004

       Anything that is both obscure AND "internationally and critically acclaimed" must be pretentious pseudo-intellectual dreck. I'd prefer the arousing dream.
TerranFury, Jan 01 2004

       The Seventh Seal is hardly obscure. It is well known enough to have been parodied and copied in varius films. And as for it being "pretentious pseudo-intellectual dreck", i reccomend you watch it. You will enjoy the bluntness, the humour, and the jovial way that the subject matter is addressed.
Knut, Jan 01 2004

       Where's Hobbes?
ghillie, Jan 01 2004

       “Wormwood: Middle English wormwode, alteration influenced by worm, worm, and wode, wood, perhaps from the use of its leaves as a vermifuge (a medicine that expels intestinal worms), of wermod from Old English werm d, from Germanic *werm daz..   

       1. (Bot.) A composite plant (Artemisia Absinthium), having a bitter and slightly aromatic taste, formerly used as a tonic and a vermifuge, and to protect woolen garments from moths. It gives the peculiar flavor to the cordial called absinthe. The volatile oil is a narcotic poison. It is noted for its intense bitterness (Deut. 29:18; Prov. 5:4; Jer. 9:15; Amos 5:7). It is a type of bitterness, affliction, remorse, punitive suffering.
In Amos 6:12 this Hebrew word is rendered "hemlock" (R.V., "wormwood"). In the symbolical language of the Apocalypse (Rev. 8:10, 11) a star is represented as falling on the waters of the earth, causing the third part of the water to turn wormwood. The name by which the Greeks designated it, absinthion, means "undrinkable." The absinthe of France is distilled from a species of this plant.

       Vermouth: French vermout, from German Wermut, from Middle High German wermuot, wormwood, from Old High German wermuota. A liqueur made of white wine, absinthe, and various aromatic drugs, used to excite the appetite.”
FarmerJohn, Jan 01 2004


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