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Sexist Tog duvet

One Duvet, two metabolisms
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Whilst (as any normal thinking person is) I am aware that the majority of the supposed differences between the sexes are a result of the behavioral and cultural conditioning of a still rampantly patriachal society, there remains one sexual difference that I believe to be both actual and problematic, namley - required duvet thickness for adequate nightly warmth. I.E. With a same thickness duvet the female sleeper is usually too cold or the male sleeper too warm. The Sexist Tog duvet is simply thicker on one side than the other, thereby keeping the female warm and the male cool.
nichpo, Jun 27 2003

Of which I spoke. http://www.wordsdir...co.uk/dreamland.htm
[angel, Oct 17 2004]

his and hers http://pablo.wolf.o...howtobuy.html?id=54
Seems that good old M&S baked this already [nichpo, Oct 17 2004]


       is that problem not alleviated when us ladies pull the duvet off youse during the night? A tog-imbalanced duvet would be necessarily weight-imbalanced too, exacerbating the dormitory duvet drift debacle distress.
badgers, Jun 27 2003

       thinking - 3 single duvets all joined on one side, like the pages of a book, so that the extra layer can be flipped from side to side. _ | _ > _ \ _ or _ / _
po, Jun 27 2003

       badgers: well simply relying on duvet tog-of-war (groan) is a risky business, on several occasions I have unconsciously won the war and awoken in a pool of sweat to find a freezing angry girlfriend. Perhaps small weights could redress the weight imbalance you mentioned though ? po: like the flip-a-tog idea, but this would require additional specialised duvet covers.
nichpo, Jun 27 2003

po, Jun 27 2003

       so, can you imagine how even more fun it would be to change the covers.
nichpo, Jun 27 2003

       _ | _ > _ \ _ or _ / _   

       That's an illustration from [phundug]'s popup book, no?
FloridaManatee, Jun 27 2003


       nich - thats exactly why I like the adaption - as Harold says...
po, Jun 27 2003

       a-ha. How about one with two, or even three flaps then, for masochists.
nichpo, Jun 27 2003

       I have an electrically-heated duvet (Dreamland Superduvet) with two independent controls (variable between 1.8 and 17.5 tog, if memory serves). Would that do?
angel, Jun 27 2003

       one of my cats loves having bedding thrown over her. she'd love that, nich.
po, Jun 27 2003

       She has the duvet all to herself. I have a bedsheet, which is plenty for me. It seems to work fine, but I like the idea here, too.
snarfyguy, Jun 27 2003

thumbwax, Jun 27 2003

       Neat idea, and I like your implementation [po]. I bet a housecat would love snuggling up in betwen the flip part and the main duvet.
krelnik, Jun 27 2003

       Have to agree with you young Krelnik
The Kat, Jun 27 2003

       po, PLEASE start that as a separate idea so I can vote for it a few times.   

       nichpo (relative of po?), the only flaw I can see is that certain ladies tend to scrunch up their side of the duvet or curl it under themselves, thus pulling part of the thin cold side onto their side. The sleeping mind will then think "it's getting colder" leading to even more tugging.   

       krelnik, that's what you'd *like* the cat to do, therefore what the cat *will* do is to sleep on TOP of the flip part.
hob, Jun 27 2003

       I think it's baked by Marks and Spencers (UK department store). They used to sell a his and hers duvet, where his side was several tog lower than hers. Sadly I can't find a link....
hazel, Aug 01 2003

       [Hazel] You were right it's baked; see the link. I don't suppose any UK bakers who fancy going down to their local M&S to buy me one and mail it to me do they ? Oh and do they still do those delicious mini chocolate covered swiss rolls ? ummmmm.
nichpo, Aug 14 2003


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