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Hybrid Economy
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It's been over 10 years since I took a few economics classes & can no longer decifer my notes as I can't recall what all the Greek letters stand for; however, I retain some impressions from the study.

I remember working out in graphs and equations that once an industry gets taxed, the economy loses money as if there were a void in the graph of figures. People buy less, there is less to tax, less to profit from, resulting in the void.

I don't remember going into interest & inflation (I may have, but economics was only an interest of study, not THE Interest), but I get a feeling that they would have the same result.

If a fair employer based equation could be worked out where man hours required per unit by job classification, the employee could bargain with the employer to take payment in unit credits for part of the hours worked.

Once a unit credit count was acheived by the employee that satisfied their life appetite for that commodity, they could either move on to a new industry to gain the desired unit credit counts or re-negotiate with their current employer.

The unit credits would be transferable to the employee in goods produced by that company (or traded for goods produced by similar companies or subsidiaries). No taxes would be paid.

Ha! Ha Ha! You think. But wait, This tax free situation would only occour if you had aquired (or retroactively should you in the future aquire, for credits not yet redeemed) government service unit credits enough to warrent it.(Luxury Items would probably be immune.)

Milk prices too high due to decreased production? Head to the nearest reasonably allocating unit credit dairy farm (or other directly related industry serving the dairy farm) for several months. - Milk prices decrease, you also get free milk vouchers to cash in if the production lags.

The main goal of this not perfectly thought out idea is to create the opportunity for a more fluid work force to respond to shortages or accumulate the basic property needs in a hybrid capitalist communist economy. If you hate communism, you don't need to participate in the acquistion of the unit credits - just let all of the other fools waste their time with it.

I don't mean to offend, it's only an idea.

Zimmy, Oct 03 2005


       What's to say I'm capable of working at the dairy farm? This might work for extremely non-skilled labor. I thought the strength of civilization relied on specialization, something that this virtually eliminates for at least a portion of the population.
iamnafets, Oct 03 2005

       Yip --- it requires a workforce that is equally suited to any job, from brain surgery to street sweeping. Personally I figure I could do it but I might mess up my first few ops..   

       The concept is already used in manufacturing where multi-task machines increase the ability of a company to alter production to meet demand.
madness, Oct 03 2005


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