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The non-valued monetary unit.

Something to ease the impact of huge national debt and lack of employement
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The 2020 Trump depression has not yet occurred in the US but with drastic drop in productivity and decreased gross economic output with record breaking national debt to maintain the illusion of an economy to hide non-productive employment and businesses with no income ,it is near certainty that high-inflation will occur simultaneously with staggering unemployment to mark again another time when extreme capitalism failed.

In past times, these depressions were easily corrected by decreasing he value of money in comparison to goods and services. These times are marked by folks who remember the good times when a lunch or a beer was a nickel, a movie was a dime and a dollar was considered a day wage. Of course, these memories are now nearly a century old.

Without change, in the upcoming Trump depression, our children will remember when a lunch or a beer was 25 dollars, a days wage was $500. There will be no movies as we now know it. Entertainment will be on-line.

Accordingly, this idea is to remove value to our monetary units. Instead of imprinted value on coinage and currency, the non-valued monetary unit will be exactly that, coinage and currency with no value at all. So that our children will not be embarrassed about how much they spent for lunch, a beer or how much they earned for a day’s wage.

el dueno, Jul 08 2020


       Unconcealed, uninformed rant. Not an actual idea. Marginally coherent.
Voice, Jul 08 2020

       am i missing something here? is the idea here "valueless money"?   

       // The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a store of value and sometimes, a standard of deferred payment. //   

       How can valueless money exchange value, account for value, store value, or transfer value later??   

       Specifically: let's say I go into a pub and order a beer, under your new system. Who pays for the beer? Who pays the bartender? If I want more beer, how do I go about getting more beer from the bartender?
sninctown, Jul 08 2020

       If just one country does fiscal easing to revive stalled economic activity, then that country's currency loses value fast as investors leave in search of more solid investments. But if the whole world is doing fiscal easing, then where's the hot money going to go? It can't all go to Mars ... yet.   

       So, although there may be some inflation, I don't think any of us are heading for a Zimbabwe scenario or a Weimar scenario.
pertinax, Jul 08 2020

       Yes I think that the money printing that led to hyperinflation is a different set of conditions which are not present now. Probably the current round of money creation is more to do with maintaining asset prices and wealth, of staving off any kind of collapse and systemic redistribution.   

       But the idea is bad science as well, or rather bad mathematics; just because a number tends to zero doesn't mean you can just shortcut the process by setting it actually to be zero.
pocmloc, Jul 08 2020

       This idea cost you 1.7 calories and 1 g of water. Be sure and replace them somehow.
RayfordSteele, Jul 08 2020

       A car , one non valued unit. A house one of these units. A toothbrush one of these units. A weekly spend, hundreds if not thousands of items. How does pay for work, work?
wjt, Jul 10 2020


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