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scratch cards

buy card from local shop then purchase goods online
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after seeing so many dot com companies go belly up,why oh why oh--etc etc. cant i go to my local garage/shop/supermarket,buy a £10/£20/£50/£100 scratchcard/voucher and use that to buy stuff online??

the company that can set this up could save the principle of unmetered access i.e. funded by advertisers.think about it, poeple with credit cards wont have to use them,the biggest risk they would be taking would be the amount of the scratch card theyre using.poeple without credit cards could purchase stuff on the net,just look at how the mobile phone market boomed when pay as you go came in!! ps ill practice spelling people as well!

unclean, Mar 24 2001

7-Eleven Internet Shopping Card http://www.seveneleven.com/internetcard/
In cooperation with American Express. 4% "load fee", $1.50 / month if you don't use it. Can be loaded in range $25 - $1000. [jutta, Mar 24 2001]


       I'm pretty sure someone has tried to do this to enable children to shop on the net, but I haven't seen it catch on yet.
nomad, Mar 24 2001

       Many food & drink vendors (Sprite, for example) offer specialized E-money to purchase stuff from them. Of course, you have to buy their stuff first.
nick_n_uit, Mar 25 2001

       The mobile phone people could do this because they controlled the infrastructure and could enable or disable their mobile phones by remote. The fixed line phones, which is generally used for the internet, lacks many of these advantages.   

       However [unclean] is absolutely correct - this did cause the UK mobile phone market to take off, expanding it beyond the moderately wealthy and those people who were rash enough to risk running up bills they couldn't pay. This method has been shown to have expanded the market in Europe.
Aristotle, Mar 25 2001

       Am I correct in understanding that the idea is for a prepaid credit card? I can't quite make it out.
phoenix, Dec 06 2001

       this was actually a pretty good idea - I take it it's baked by now ?
neilp, Dec 21 2004


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