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Shared Checkouts in Shopping Centers

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This concept is a shopping center where local stores can setup shops within this shopping center and not have to worry about staffing registers. This is because there are high speed check out registers at all entrances of the shopping center.

The shared checkout registers will help local shops better compete with bigger supermarket near-monopolies, by allowing all these local shops to spend less in maintance of checkout registers. The space savings in floorspace would also allow local stores within to have more varieties of goods in display.

Pros: Better efficiencies, and improved local competition against big supermarkets companies. Staffs are able to focus on customer services.

Cons: Needs shared IT infrastructure amongs local stores, especially with barcoding.

mofosyne, Jan 01 2014


       Nice. It's similar to how some professional practices are managed.
UnaBubba, Jan 01 2014

       So, a brick and mortar version of Amazon, basically. Sure, why not?   

       Costco does something a bit like this with their “roadshow” events, where an outside vendor will come and set up inside the warehouse, but all of their sales still go through the same registers as the rest of the store.
ytk, Jan 02 2014

       To some extent this is also how many antique malls and craft cooperatives are managed. Lots of separate rented areas inside single building, with a single cashier at the front.
MechE, Jan 02 2014

       — MechE : Then that means there is precedence that this approach may actually be successful. Only question is if it can be applied to fresh foods and typical supermarket items as well.   

       — 21 Quest : You got a point about economies of scales of big supermarkets vs this approach. Maybe the diversity of stores of this approach may be appealing. (e.g. the kinds who like to shop around)
mofosyne, Jun 01 2014


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