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rubik's cube building

The building itself doesn't move, just the colors
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Maybe once or twice a year all the colors on each side match up.
jaksplat, Dec 16 2004

A bit of silliness http://bz.pair.com/fun/rubikBldg.mov
500K quicktime .mov [bristolz, Dec 17 2004]

(???) Revolving Building http://story.news.y.../afplifestylebrazil
Each of this building's 11 stories revolve independently. Figure out how to make each column of apartments elevate independently (that is, rotate on a vertical axis) also, and you'd have a version of Rubik Cube Building. [jurist, Dec 17 2004, last modified Dec 18 2004]

Rubiks Cube Building! http://www.youtube....watch?v=TQeOM4YcFec
fake? probably. [jaksplat, Mar 03 2012]


       After a few ideas that were wide of the mark, may I congratulate you on this corker and extend my welcome. Easily bakeable with lighting hung off nearby buildings.
wagster, Dec 16 2004

       Yeah, like it. [-] cos you're new and thus will only get fishbones. Only joking, have a croissant, it's well-deserved.
david_scothern, Dec 16 2004

       nah, need more explanation please.   

       those two are easily pleased!
po, Dec 16 2004

       This one just 'feels' right :-)
wagster, Dec 16 2004

       yes, quite. sorry but it needs a little more detail!   

       hey, I watched The Cube and am still traumatised.
po, Dec 16 2004

       I'd like to see some buttons people on the sidewalk could push, which would rotate the lights in different directions.   

       Actually, the buttons could be on the roof of a different building (e.g. the observation deck of the Empire State Building), from which you can see the Rubiks cube building from a distance and it's the size of a little Rubik's cube.
phundug, Dec 16 2004

       Next up, rubik's cubicles.
RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2004

       I envisioned a complex mechanical system of tracks that the rooms of the building move around on.....
normzone, Dec 17 2004

       Don't know why I'm so drawn to this idea...could it be all those colors?   

       [phundug], the button idea sounds great but I just know I would waste hours upon hours punching the button until the colors are aligned correctly.
Machiavelli, Dec 17 2004

       Now I'm going to have to install quicktime...
tiromancer, Dec 17 2004

       Sorry. It's not worth an install. Truly.   

       For arcane reasons I couldn't get it encoded as .wmv without the strangest artifacts. The win media encoders are usually flawless. Maybe sometime I'll look a little deeper into the problem. Tonight, I just didn't have the energy.
bristolz, Dec 17 2004

       Oooooh, all those pretty colors flashing, [bristolz]!
Machiavelli, Dec 17 2004

       Astounding animation, [bristolz]! 'Twould be fun if [jaksplat] could devise a way to make his building revolve in similar fashion. [link added]
jurist, Dec 17 2004

       check out the link.
jaksplat, Mar 03 2012

       let's hope it's a fake.   

       What the building needs is a controller of the quite obvious physical characteristics.
FlyingToaster, Mar 05 2012


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