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Rotating Intra-Space High Way

A One-'g' vertical contact patch force is maintained, in Space/or Vertically Up From Surface.
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A medium diameter rotating road tunnel pipe, will supply the vehicles travelling inside it with an adhesion force giving (relative) vertical 'g'-force, from the centrepital accelleration excerted towards the central rotation axis line.

The tunnel pipe could be a force-field, not a 'mechanical' solid construction.

Vehicle suitable for such a 'g'-tunnel travel, could be triangular in the frontal view cross section, as to utilize the circular transport tunnel section fully, ie. say : 3, 4, 5, 'pie'-parts angles, travelling down the pipe, at the same transversal cut !.

Similarly, a nice cup of tea, or coffee, might be served gently intra-space, as the apparant 'g'-force field, would keep alos hot liquids in vertical force field designed containers.

Smokin tobacco, of alll sorts, will yield the same satisfaction, of aroma's, and playing with fire,, :-).

Letting off a Champagne-bottle cork at maximum pressure, will be more safe, as the internal top surface of the vihicles will be at angles with vertical, dampening and redirecting recochéing' cork's trajectories.

sirau, Jun 05 2011


       - a minimum power sucktion devise, could be installed at the vertice of the internal roof, - beeing near to the center of the rotating movement, the still-ness of just Space will prevail, and the cork's will gently float around amongst each other, beeing wisked into the clearing device, by gently atrackted by succulent 'air' stream.,.,.,.,,.,,,,.
sirau, Jun 05 2011

       you lost me at "triangular in the frontal view cross section"
Voice, Jun 07 2011

       //a nice cup of tea// [+]
pocmloc, Jun 07 2011

       So, up would be left an'r right, depending?   

       //excerted towards// ... elaborate, please?
Sir_Misspeller, Jun 07 2011

       Trying to remember that old Atari space tunnel game... failing.   

       I'm pretty sure that if you could create a force field, you wouldn't have to worry that much about artificial gravity.
RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2011

       Were you thinking of the game Tempest?   

       That's the one!
RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2011

       /excerted towards/ : I don't know what I meant, it could be something like the vector of a center, gravity maybe, multiplied by the Inertia/mass, :-)   

       'triangular', just an angle, actually supplemented by a circular arc, to a closed curve.   

       Try it (IT.it) out in a Hellicopter Hat costume, it'll do wonders for any kind, off, kind decision making intelligent life form,. :-).   

       ciao, ciao, !!,   

sirau, Jul 05 2011

       Hmm, I think I understand this. Does that mean I'm going mad?   

       Coriolis force will come into play where the road turns, no? Not only turns, but also intersections and entrance/exit ramps will pose interesting challenges. The resulting increased mortality may outweigh the increase in champagne safety, important as that undoubtedly is.
mouseposture, Jul 05 2011

       Seems like an awful lot of work just to keep using road friction for propulsion. (-) Just for the horror of what the walls will do to the tires in a turn.
MisterQED, Jul 06 2011

       Is it just me, or has HB just interfaced with some other HB in a parallel universe where the mortality rate from flying corks is higher than for traffic deaths?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 09 2011

       I'm willing to forgive "recochéing" but that's pretty well it.
FlyingToaster, Jul 09 2011

       [marked for deletion] random burblings of a complete nutter. More so than usual, I mean.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 09 2011


       Wow, I hadn't spotted that..that's worth a + just for that...   

       It's been ages since I used to go down to my Nan's house and used to watch her recochéing. She used to use cotton, not your modern nylon twine...(realises he's forgotten to take the medication again)
not_morrison_rm, Jul 10 2011


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