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Floating toilet trainer for men
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a hollow plastic ball, slightly smaller than a ping-pong ball, that has small plastic ridges, and funky colors. When put in the toilet-bowl, a stream of urine, as it hits the ridges, makes the ball spin, creating a kaleidescope of color. what fun! an added quirk - a small bell inside the ball, to train the little'uns, and know they're hitting the mark.

-non-flushable -cleanable by flushing, so that no feces would remain attached (yuck)

Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 21 2005

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       Maybe add a tether that retracts the ball from the water surface when the seat is down. Maybe add a little impeller that one can spin up with a sustained direct hit and that, using a flywheel and clutch, subsequently propels the target in random directions once a certain amount of energy is stored.
bristolz, Feb 21 2005

       wouldn't work. if it was on a string, it couldnt roll. has to be airtight.
Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 21 2005

       a dissolving one has been baked for kiddies, the plastic allows for add-ons, like the bell
Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 21 2005

       I find this idea oddly fascinating. I would actually stand next to my boyfriend while he's peeing to watch the little kaleidescope in the toilet bowl. what fun!
Machiavelli, Feb 21 2005

       add bluetooth technology to keep statistics, apply for pro-pisser contest! energy source? a dynamo of course...
Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 21 2005

       what man is going to own to being a rotten shot?
po, Feb 21 2005

       ... any guy standing next to a worse than rotten shot.
reensure, Feb 21 2005

       I've pissed little footballs into goals, I've pissed on fake flies, I've even pissed on pictures of clothed women that became pictures of naked women through the warmth of my urine. This idea is not baked to my knowledge but the baked stuff I've pissed on was much more fun and creative than this. So fishbone.
zeno, Feb 21 2005

       Well, up is the exception, statistically. In any case, the toilet should be left closed, lid down.
bristolz, Feb 22 2005

       [UnaBubba] - if the seat is up while you flush, a great plume of horrible bacteria will rise up and be blown throughout the toilet. If your toilet happens to be in the bathroom, you can end up with rather nasty bacteria all over your toothbrush, hairbrush, razors, etc.   

       After flushing, though, the toilet bowl typically contains less bacteria than the kitchen sink, desk surface or telephone mouthpiece.   

       (Source: "Great Mythconceptions," Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki.)   

       At any rate, [zeno] is right - similar toys can be bought from just about any gift or games store.
Detly, Feb 22 2005

       The best way to control spash of microdroplets is to piss down the side of the bowl, at the most acute angle you can manage. This is part of toilet design already. Pissing directly into the bowl water, whether onto a little spinning target or not, means that much more piss gets spread everywhere. Plus it makes a noise like a horse pissing that can be quite offensive to delicate souls within earshot.   

       Pis(s)ces frame for you my lad. (-)
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 22 2005

       How much do you spend on bottled water a year? Enough to pay for a portable pant-leg, reverse osmosis/uv water filter?
mensmaximus, Feb 22 2005

       unabubba - is it possibly the same reason they get angry at men for not making enough money, and at the turn of their heads complain about being forced to make less? are you sure you want to go there? i was just baking a product, made to sell.   

       ConsulFlaminicus: "The best way to control spash of microdroplets is to piss down the side of the bowl, at the most acute angle you can manage." hitting a sphere at an acute angle would make the sphere spin... solved that in the design stage. <added later: the energy taken from the stream of piss to rotate the ball would compleely change the amount of energy available in the stream to make noise and splash, moreso if you get the piss to spin the ball AFTER running off the edge of the toilet-bowl> if you got really good, you might be able to get your piss pinned between the rotating ball and the far edge of the toilet bowl, eliminating splash.   

       OTOH - if you really needed to piss bad, the ball spinning so hard might in fact create a back-spray, that might actually exit the bowl altogether. checked with physicist, said that wouldn't be a problem, and even if it was, it could be solved by putting the ridges on an angle, so at the exit it would not lift but slice the water.   

       also: please note that the idea would make much more consumer sense as a toy to train young boys with... boys who have a very hard time comprehending why they have to take the time to aim at all, when the other option is just to let spray and have a good laugh, knowing someone will clean it anyways.
Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 22 2005


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