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Sharpshooter Treadmill

improve your marksmanship and your speed!
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A treadmill is an excellent way to improve one's cardiovascular endurance, but does nothing to improve manual dexterity. Why not place a handgun target in front of the treadmill and practice your shooting while you run?

This could be especially useful for counterterrorist teams who often have to shoot while moving, and would be a lot fo fun for the rest of us.

Safety precautions typical of a shooting range would have to be employed, this means, ear covering devices to protect from the noise and pressure waves a firearm produces. As well as eyewear to prevent any ocular damage due to a misfire.

whatastrangeperson, Jun 13 2004


       Nice, I want one with one of those old guns that came with those old nintendos for "duck hunt".
swimr, Jun 13 2004

       I agree with swimr that this idea would be better with lightguns than with real firearms. Real firearms generally require much finer dexterity than lightguns, and such dexterity is apt to be simply impossible in a running-shot situation. Plus, lightguns are apt to be much safer. Given that many shooting ranges don't even like having people drawing and shooting from a holster, shooting while running would be even more unwelcome.
supercat, Jun 13 2004

       I wonder if this already baked by Olympic Biathlon athlets. Somehow they have to make it through the summer.
kbecker, Jun 14 2004

       Plus, with a lightgun, there could be occasional targets *behind* you (chasing you) that you would have to shoot. +
phundug, Jun 14 2004

       I'll concede that lighguns would be safer, and probably the preferred method were this to be implemeted for recreational civilian use. But for the purposes of training people to kill other people, you can't beat the realism of firearms.
whatastrangeperson, Jun 14 2004

       won't be safe with real guns? What IS the world coming to?   

       it should also throw things at you (paintballs, foam, whatever) so as to practice dodging return fire. of course that would mean the track would have to be wider...
echo, Jun 20 2004


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