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Sherwood nails

not quite splitting the nail for removal
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A barbed nail that will drive through/around the head of a nail to be removed and provide the necessary shaft for clean extraction. If the Sherwood nail trifurcates around the nail, internal barbs would grip and with its own removal, pull out the initial nail.

Possibly Sherwood nails could be manufactured by pressure welding the three barbed shaft segments together.

I can mentally visualize this but are unsure if metallurgy and/or manufacturing are up to this yet.

wjt, Nov 25 2011


       // pressure welding the three barbed shaft segments together. //   

       Pressure welds break under sharp impact. Recommend resistance welding. You'll also need to construct it out of extremely hard metal that isn't too brittle, otherwise the point will crumble when you try to drive it through the head of the nail (which is its strongest point, btw). This is a decent idea, but might be a tad expensive for a single- use item.
Alterother, Nov 25 2011

       //I can mentally visualize this but are unsure// I think that goes for all of me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 25 2011

       Darn, I was hoping this would be a nail which, like Robbing Hood's legendary arrows, would find its way directly to the target without deviating into nearby drywall, electrical leads, plumbing, or knots. This is similar to the EZ-out screw removal system, but with barbed titanium shafts instead of twist-patterned tool-steel inserts?
Dog Ed, Dec 05 2011

       wow [Dog Ed]
po, Dec 05 2011


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