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The Hammer Drama System

hammer nails and make loud sparks
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When hammering nails, the occasional spark can be generated. The Hammer Drama System is a hammer and nail set that is guaranteed to make dramatic sparks every time a nail is driven into a piece of wood.

This is achieved by a combination of a special coating on the nail heads, which are also coloured like miniature targets according to type of spark required. These include: Fat Red; Electra Blue; Lurid Yellow; Garish Green; and Flashy White. (other colours are under development)

Our wonderful chemists and physicists have ensured that the exact combination of materials and surfaces between the hammer and the various nail heads create reliable sparks of a consistent colour and duration.

When using The Hammer Drama System, extreme cautions must be exercised including the use of googles to protect the eyes, and the risk of starting a fire is an ever present danger. (we can supply matching fire-retardant clothing, ear defenders and handy extinguishers)

Using The Hammer Drama system, a team of busy roofers or framers can make a virtually continuous multicoloured pyrotechnic display.

xenzag, Feb 07 2019

Exploding Hammer Festival https://www.youtube...watch?v=O-ECywuPE3o
[LimpNotes, Feb 09 2019]



       If the nail-head included a small pit, and if sufficient impact- sensitive explosive were in the pit, then you would have a sort of impact driver.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2019

       Have you tried Thorium?
not_morrison_rm, Feb 07 2019

       No - what does it go with?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2019

       // If the nail-head included a small pit, and if sufficient impact- sensitive explosive were in the pit, then you would have a sort of impact driver.//   

       These exist for nailing into concrete. It's called a Hilti nailer.   

       True, but they are an expensive gun type item requiring the use of explosive cartridges. This idea is for a simple hammer and nails for use on wood.
xenzag, Feb 07 2019

       Oh you can use them with a regular old hammer alright, but hold the nail with channel-lock pliers or some other kind of long-ish clampy thing, maybe a big wad of plastecine.
I don't advise it of course, and you will want to do some serious wrist exercises for a while before-hand... or you'll be doing serious physio after-hand. A ram-set is much safer.

       Pyrotech-nails! (+)   

       // Pyrotech-nails! //   

       "If you post it, we will bun ..."
8th of 7, Feb 07 2019

LimpNotes, Feb 09 2019

       Those exploding hammer performers are practicing for bashing holes in Trump's wall.
xenzag, Feb 09 2019

       quite a lot of ^'s   

       Well, if there's a god of hammers, it is Thor.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 09 2019

       //practicing for bashing holes in Trump's wall//
Quite the foresight then. This ritual has apparently been practiced annually over the course of some 400 years.
LimpNotes, Feb 09 2019

       Tripleplusgood! [+]
21 Quest, Feb 10 2019


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