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Shih Tzu Shiatsu

Using animals to aid in massage and all around wellness
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As you lay flat on a mat the masseuse uses a few other techniques in the massage rotation. Here is an example of what could be done.

First, you get a lightweight dog trained to run up and down your back as the masseuse rubs your neck. Next a purring cat is placed on your neck as a larger dog is now brought in. With the help of the masseuse it shifts its weight between different muscle groups on your back. A rub down is given where the dog's paws aren't.

Those animals are taken away and you have ball pythons placed on your arms. (For those who don't know, the feeling of a snake moving on your skin is like a massage.)

This allows for the masseuse to be in more than one place on your body and also opens itself to many possibilities.

sartep, Jul 05 2003

(?) Old bakery joke rehash http://www.halfbake...dea/Shitsu_20Engine
[waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       <Next a purring cat is placed on your neck as a larger dog is now brought in.>

Is this when the acupuncture portion of the session begins?

       Ha! Figured that would be brought up, but that was alot wittier.
sartep, Jul 05 2003

       This is one of those shoulda posteds, except I didn't build an idea around it -- just a really good joke.   

       I once made a joke several years ago in a semi-crowded elevator when someone mentioned shih tzu's. I said, "and I quote" ...   

       Doesn't the little dog get angry when you rub someones back with it?   

       Exactly one person in that elevator got it. Out of maybe 7 or 8. Sheesh. Well, at least it was a cute guy.   

       Anywoo, really good idea sartep. I especially like the progression aspect of the idea.
thecat, Jul 05 2003

       Purring cats should be useful in this concept (viz. all the recent medical stuff about how they lower your blood pressure and tension levels, help damaged bones to knit, etc), unless you're a cat-hater, of course.
GreenMargin, Jul 06 2003

       And *oddly* enough they actually exist. :)
thecat, Jul 06 2003

       I'm sorry (thecat) that some people treat you badly.
sartep, Jul 06 2003

       Thanks sartep. A few really good people who will actually speak up are worth the b.s. Also,if you keep at it - relentlessly and fairly -I believe even the apathetic majority and mean (bitter,rationizing) vocal minority will soften up and be nicer. I really believe most people are not very nice. They make too many accommodations to be truly decent. But given the chance (and given a good shove in many cases) they would like to take it. They are just scared. Scared people can be damn vicious. But they can be brought around. As a realistic optimist I don't just believe this, I know it. Empirically. Thanks again.
thecat, Jul 06 2003

       What you say about humans is very acurate but much of that changes depending on immediate geographical location. Some places just have a few more nice people than others. I will definately agree with you that many people would rather keep up the appearance of being nice than actually be nice and also would like to add that many of them abhor change or differences. But that is a rant for another website and a completely different group of people.
sartep, Jul 06 2003

       This is well and truly Baked. Not only does Harvey (a pedigree Shih Tzu) come and trample up and down your spine if you lie on the bed, but he has an absolutely uncanny knack for detecting any painful or injured joint, which he will then meticulously lick for long periods. He also has a habit of curling up on the injured area (necks and backs) and since his body temperature is much higher than a human's - plus the thick hair - it's like a hot compress on the affected part.   

       He's not the only dog we know of that does this sort of thing.
8th of 7, Jul 07 2003

       Does he do Rolfing also?
FarmerJohn, Jul 07 2003

       Actually, just the name is a pun, I was actually thinking of mixing animals with massage for stress relief. Heated stones or warm paws, someone's feet or four paws on your back, a warm compress or a purring cat. It could open up a whole new genre of massage.   

       As for snakes, I urge everyone to try resting a baby ball python on your neck and tell me if that doesn't feel like a neck and shoulder massage. They are good natured and don't tense up unless they are mistreated, and the size is such that they can't choke you.
sartep, Jul 07 2003

       Who is this Dag? Bring him to me. Plan to be home in the next day and please be in a non resistant manor.
sartep, Jul 07 2003

       The movie has it wrong, according to the books the first rule is to protect extraterrestrials from humans. The third rule is to protect humans from extraterrestrials.
sartep, Jul 09 2003

       Presumably your 'non resistant manor' is a big house in the country with the front door wide open?
Croissant for the idea too!
gnomethang, Jul 09 2003

       [sartep] What's the second?

I am unsure about the idea, but would love to give it a try. Put me down for a session with a St. Bernard and a couple of hamsters....This doesn't make me wierd right?
silverstormer, Jul 09 2003

       //a St. Bernard and a couple of hamsters//

<Suppresses shiver at sudden, unwelcome memory of notripe's Animal Olympics of Death>.
DrBob, Jul 09 2003

       Bun for the title alone. Much better than mine.
RayfordSteele, Feb 04 2016


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