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Wireless Neck Massaging Device

A portable device that helps to have relaxational massage done to you, even if you're physically alone.
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Just a moment ago, while programming at night, not far away from me, there was a couple sitting together, a boy giving a massage to a girl at the region of her neck. Unfortunately, I was alone, and it is well known that:

making a massage to oneself is not as pleasant as having it done to you (probably that has to do with our ability to sense the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body, also known as proprioception, which makes almost any sensation consciously made by oneself to oneself not surprising at all, 'as it was expected', not relaxing, and neutral).

Hence, an idea: a small device, which partly wraps around your neck, and has a set of vibration devices (just like those in the cell phones), and is wirelessly linked to your mobile phone or computer, so that s/he can control it via his/her keypad/keyboard.

[Alternatively, it could be used as an alarm option, an alternative phone ringing option, or, if there is convenient number of vibration devices, as a means to read text messages and books at night too.]

Inyuki, Aug 25 2012


       It could start wildly inflating and buzzing, so passing girls have to push and knead it in an emergency massage response.
4and20, Aug 25 2012

       // wildly inflating and buzzing //   

       And if it had the color of your skin, it would look like the skin is inflating, how scary is that!
Inyuki, Aug 25 2012

       Would it not be simpler to train a python* ?   

       * Do NOT forget to feed the python ...
8th of 7, Aug 25 2012

       // train a python //   

       It is a question, how simple it is to train a python. Searching for pythons' intelligence, returns incidences of ball pythons learning to repeat finger movements.
Inyuki, Aug 25 2012

       Why is the python strangling you if it's satiated on dead rats? Did you forget to put the mobile phone on vibrate?
4and20, Aug 25 2012

       // incidences of ball pythons learning to repeat finger movements. //   

       That's pretty damned cool, considering pythons are limbless. If they can do that, a bit of massage of the cervical spine should be a breeze to them.
8th of 7, Aug 25 2012


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