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worlds most affordable female sexual pleasure vibrators, other than fingers

You may have seen a spin button, or spinbutton toy disc. make a two finger spin version out of soft silicone with a pawl action to make something that buzzes and vibrates at about 4 cents each
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You may have seen a pulsable spin button toy [link] I think the same thing with a two finger loop as well as a pawl (or other simple gearing) would vibrate. Make it out of silicone to be soft and vibrator like and it becomes a finger powered pulsing vibrator. Just made of plastic it could be about 4 cents per sexual pleasure vibrator.

wet glide strips, made from polyurethane oxide and polyvinyl pyrrolidine could be used as a wet slippery glide surface coating on the two finger all polymer buzz vibrator.

beanangel, Dec 15 2016

spinning button toy http://www.instruct...d/Spinning-Button-T
[beanangel, Dec 15 2016]


       It takes a certain imagination to see a spinning button toy and think of marketing it as a cheap way to rub one out.
tatterdemalion, Dec 15 2016

       imaginative [+]
Voice, Dec 15 2016

       Even with mechanical advantage, your going to have two fit,oversized muscly fingers. It won't do the other sets of nerve groupings.
wjt, Dec 16 2016


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