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Shipping Containers Rubik's Cube

grind heavy metal and solve the cube
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Shipping Container Rubik's Cube is a Rubik's Cube that is made from shipping containers that have been cut up and joined together to create the iconic cube structure.

It's simply a giant, perfectly engineered version of the original puzzle, except each of the cube's 27 smaller cubes features a door that can be opened, so it can also be used for storage purposes.

Each cube is only made to order and special terms and conditions apply.

Anyone daft enough to purchase the cube must agree to these conditions - that it arrives "scrambled" and as such is guaranteed to be totally unique. (there are 43 quintillion variations - wiki info)

It can be solved, but only using JCBs, cranes and other heavy engineering equipment.

xenzag, May 28 2018


       //It can be solved, but only using// paint.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 28 2018

       Just as can be its original version if you're lazy or incapable.
xenzag, May 28 2018

       Only vaguely related, but a great read - " Spook Country " - William Gibson, 2007
normzone, May 28 2018


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