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Playmobil Slaughterhouse

For the kids
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Playmobil seems to project an unrealistically rosy and utopian view of country life, with attractive farm animals, sweet children, etc., and no death at all. A model slaughterhouse, using existing Playmobil components and figures would add to every child's education about the origins of the food they eat.
hippo, Dec 23 2004

Playmobil Cattle http://www.playmobi...oductSKU=7079&PLS=0
[hippo, Dec 23 2004]

Playmobil Pigs http://www.playmobi...oductSKU=7021&PLS=0
[hippo, Dec 23 2004]

Playmobil Farm Girl with Hens http://www.playmobi...oductSKU=3076&PLS=0
[hippo, Dec 23 2004]

Petting slaughterhouse Petting_20slaughterhouse
by hippo [calum, Dec 23 2004]

Samurai Slaughterhouse Samurai_20Slaughterhouse
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Somehow appro http://www.amazon.c...12-1913552?v=glance
Ever wanted to know what goes in a hot dog? [RayfordSteele, Dec 30 2004]


       its christmas! for heaven sake...
po, Dec 23 2004

       Slaugherhouse hat-trick complete, hippo! Does this mean you get to take the pig's bladder home with you?
calum, Dec 23 2004

       I see what you mean hippo. The farm girl would look so much more attractive with a chainsaw rather than a basket for collecting eggs.
DrBob, Dec 24 2004

       Our local mayor is allowing an abatoir to be constructed in the 'city'. The 'city' has cattle grazing in the 'city' limits. Some people want glass walls for it. No beef was handed out to the food lines in the past six months here although a much smaller community nearby donated three cattle to the food lines. Cattle have been standing around for the last six months waiting for the yanks to open the border up again to imported beef.   

       After what I saw a coyote do last thanksgiving to one of the rare big birds that flew around here all summer long I don't enjoy eating fowl. It looked like a plane crash, with beautiful feathers everywhere. It looked like quite a struggle, that bird not wanting to give up it's beautiful life. I couldn't figure out how the coyote caught it. I searched around and found other bird carcasses in a ravine, the coyote was experienced. There are hundreds of wild ducks foraging around the house here. Which one would I pick to eat? I know they would put up a struggle that I wouldn't forget.
mensmaximus, Dec 24 2004

       [half] Thanks. Fixed now.
hippo, Dec 24 2004

       I want one.
Eugene, Dec 24 2004

       It's about the revenge of the 199. They know my daily routine, possibly my most vulnerable moments. I just don't drink the river water, they are the second highest depositors of E-coli there. I don't even drink the well water.
mensmaximus, Dec 24 2004

       Yeah, maybe if knew about the cruelty their chicken nuggets and hamburgers go through in order to become so, they would become vegetarians. ++
Pericles, Dec 27 2004

       You have dinner for two now.
mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004

       And so it goes.   

       These could be sold in packs of five-- numbered, of course.
RayfordSteele, Dec 28 2004

       Can't someone spare a bit of bread for our birds?
mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004

       Interestingly it is possible to buy a playmobil building site portaloo (er.. portapotty in the U.S I thinx). What they do not include is a 16 stone colleague called Helmut who apparently lives on pork and beer and who is ALWAYS just coming out as you want to go in. erk
squeak, Dec 29 2004


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