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Shanty Castle

build your own favela
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Shanty Castle is an extension of the traditional Sand Castle principal, except when inverted it delivers a basic scaled down replica of a shanty town dwelling. There are a few basic rectangular variation shapes in the available range.

Add some corrugated cardboard to the roof, and a few other included extras, like window frames, and each Shanty Castle can take on a certain degree of individuality.

Every Shanty Castle purchase contributes a donation to a reputable charity engaged in a worthwhile project aimed at bringing relief to one of the world's many favela type accumulations of humanity.

Now all you need do is find a suitable sand-dune and start building. Completed item should look like pic in link.

xenzag, Nov 02 2012

http://i.istockimg....132-shanty-town.jpg after a few hours of work you can build something like this [xenzag, Nov 02 2012]


       Polarized views and yet no posts?   

       I see no fault in this one. [+]
PainOCommonSense, Nov 02 2012


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