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Because vibrations are so passe.
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Vibrating phones are good enough for most applications, methinks, but I have noticed that when I wear baggier clothing, I sometimes miss the vibrations in the phone and thus miss the call. Yet, ringing would be innapropriate for the situation. What's the solution, you ask?

An optional remotely-activated squeezing garter or bracelet that you can wear on your person within either a 900 mhz or 2.4 ghz range of your cell phone. Instead of vibrating, the adjustable strap tightens up a bit, just enough so that you know that the call has come.

polartomato, Jul 28 2002


yamahito, Jul 28 2002

       Kudos. After I wrote this idea, I began to wish it would vibrate *and* squeeze at the same time... ew. This could be accomplished by having a small vibrator attached to the garter.
polartomato, Jul 29 2002

       I thought this was going to be a washable phone handle cover to keep the handle from getting gicky.
RayfordSteele, Jul 30 2002

       Renovation site of your new home: "Dammit, my phone is out of batteries"   

       Large hairy plumber reaches down the front of his shorts and fishes around - "here you can use mine."
benfrost, Feb 16 2005

       Interesting thought, and I share your dilemma. When my honey calls me, even though the phone vibrates twice as much, long, and strong as calls from other people, sometimes my pocket will be swung away from my body, so I miss the call. Now sometimes the opposite is true, and just yesterday I almost jumped out of my chair at lunch when I got a text message! It's just TOO unpredictable! But the squeezing garter, I don't know - and where does this garter get attached !? I'm not sure I would want my eyes popping out of my head every time the phones rings! Or am I reading too much into this - just something for your calf or wrist? C'mon, we don't want to totally lose the spirit of having a vibrating phone in your pocket !!! But I'm sure someone can come up with a compromise!
KissyKiss, Jan 11 2006

       Escalating vibrations - beginning very subtly, growing to a Richter crescendo.
normzone, Jan 11 2006


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