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Shocking Speedbump

An alternative to the Custard Speedbump that doesn't involve Custard!
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Make a somewhat smaller speedbump out of a piezoelectric material such as quartz, and put into effect that all tires manufactured must have a metal strip going around the tire, and connecting to the wheel. then, allcars made must have a metalsteering wheel and a metal steering shaft that connects to the axle, and indirectly, the new metal strip tire. If a driver goes over it at lw and steady speeds, the they will be fine, but if theybreak the reccomended limit, then -zzzaaappp- a mild jolt of electricity comes up from the tires. This will be a great incentive to follow the speedlimit on roads with speedbumps.
Rmac, Oct 20 2009


       Used to be that the inside of a car was a fairly safe place when there's lightning. No longer!
lurch, Oct 20 2009

       I think that I might like to try seeing how fast I can speed over the bump without touching the steering wheel. If I nail it perfectly square, I shouldn't have to worry about careening into parked cars. Perhaps the electric connection should instead terminate at about the center of the driver's seat?
bdag, Oct 20 2009

       How does the speedbump know how quickly you're going?
kaz, Oct 20 2009

       Why don't we just fit everyone with an RFID tag and monitor them via security cameras and satellite and then we can give them an electric shock every time they break ANY law. It will surely be a whole lot cheaper than running the whole judicial and penal systems.
egbert, Oct 20 2009

       //monitor them via security cameras//-- think of the upside: if that were the case, I envision a "Google Life" service that uses the electric shock to motivate you to be the person you always wanted to be. I read this *after* posting an idea like this just now.   

       [-] for the car tire law part. Now if the speedbump was some sort of pressure trigger that opened a moat under the car if you drove too fast, I would like it. Well, not like it, but at least bun it.
sninctown, Oct 20 2009

       Not to mention that the energy that could be extracted from the speed bump might just about give the driver a slight tingle....
Twizz, Oct 21 2009

       But it is only a _recommended_ speed limit. Is there actually a law that says you have to drive at 20km/hr? I view it as a challenge. Especially in a Citroen, cos they have wicked suspension. Also because it belongs to my mum, rather than me.
penguin_tummy, Oct 22 2009

       And if the shock is too great, they lose control and drive into the car at the opposite side of the road. Sounds good to me.
Thomasunde, Oct 24 2009


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