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Shoe repair

A fishbone glue special
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Frightening myself by reading about an electrogenetic future, I scuttle gladly back to gadgeteering.
How about this fishboner : the StandOn shoe-repair kit.
It contains a tube of quick-set glue, and a shaker of wear-resistent granules.
You’ve guessed it, and I can hear your snorts of derision.
You shake a thin but even layer of granules on to the floor, butter a shoe with the quickset glue, while it’s on your foot, and stand that foot on the granules till the glue sets.
Repeat the process until you get the thickness of sole you want then trim the edges.
And I know about replication technology leaping ahead; put your favourite shoes in a box and press a button stuff.
I also know about the Great Depression of the 30s and the Great War that followed.
I remember the queues of the jobless, including my bankrupt father; the ruined careers; my 13 classmates out of 14 [me], who died in the Battle of Britain.
Quick. Back to the top.
rayfo, Nov 11 2000

Explanation of the Battle of Britain for Egnor http://www.britanni...6,118865+12,00.html
"... The British had lost more than 900 fighters..." [Lemon, Nov 11 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Would you actually want to use granules? A trimmable sole plate that you could glue on might work more efficiently- no spare granules to sweep up. Also, a one-piece sole plate would minimize the risk of excess glue seeping through the gaps in the granules and bonding your foot to the floor.   

       Alternately, one could also use a hard form of these granules to create a non-slip surface for snowy or icy conditions. Of course, these would probably be for outdoor use only, as you wouldn't want to scuff up someone's floor.
BigThor, Nov 17 2000

       Offtopic: You had classmates who died in the Battle of Britain? Criminy. How'd they all manage to die in the same battle?
egnor, Nov 17 2000

       They all enlisted in the Air Force, were rushed through training in Canada, and thrown into the air Battle of Britain I survived becase I alone chose the Army. The Pearl Harbour attack thrust me into the Pacific instead of Europe and Africa. Returned with a tropical disease I looked for my classmates, and learned the sad truth - "... they looked on war as a game / But they died, just the same".
rayfo, Nov 17 2000


       Perhaps he meant "globule" instead of "granule" and a green one to be exact.   

       Maybe a flash of light, not unlike the one witnessed by Nigel and David, could signal the end of one sole and the beginning of another.
iuvare, Nov 18 2000


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