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Retractable heels

makes driving for ladies easier
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ladies, enjoy the feeling of walking in high heels? hate having to change them when preparing to drive? Try the retractable high heel shoe!(need a better name) Using a simple yet complicated steel rod system the heel can be clicked and retracted when driving is neccessary using a descreet button. (try not to accidentally find this button whilst walking)
Yosarian, Jun 06 2003

Removable Heel Tap http://www.exoticfa...om/2_inch_heels.htm
"Fill Them with Anything You Want to Match Your Outfit" [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       So, is the steel rod the heel on a hinge, or is it retracted by a steel rod? How does the simple, yet complicated system work?
Cedar Park, Jun 06 2003

       New game for little boys - see if you can activate this "simple yet complicated" mechanism by throwing stones at button whilst high-heeled lady is walking along to see her being launched backwards.   

       Also handy for supermarkets - can't reach what's on the top shelf, sprerloing, instant 2 inches extra on height.
PeterSilly, Jun 06 2003

       would be simpler if they just screwed off
po, Jun 06 2003

       I often think things would be simpler if everyone screwed off, but I try to tolerate them instead.
-alx, Jun 06 2003

       some kind of automated power screw? that would work at the touch of a button? excellent! or as mentioned possible extedy rods for high shelves or even replacable alternate heels for the fashion conscience. these could include all sorts of gizmos
Yosarian, Jun 06 2003

       And where exactly do these retractable heels retract to when they're retracted?
egbert, Jun 06 2003

       <Tut>, silly old me!
egbert, Jun 06 2003

       Reading this, I just had an X-men flashback.


       "Does it hurt when they come out like that?"
"Every time."

       //And where exactly do these retractable heels retract to when they're retracted?//   

       Perhaps they could telescope, like some of those fancy camera lenses you see.
snarfyguy, Jun 06 2003

       If the bottom of the shoes were thick enough, they could retract into a slot with a hinge. Would have to have some sort of locking device, like on a snowboard binding, to keep it from collapsing whilst walking.
goober, Jun 06 2003

       I have seen these on Ally McBeal. I have searched for a link, but it was all in vain (sigh).

This would be better if you could shoe-horn a compressor and ram in. Ladies could leap over tall buildings with a flying bound then. (+)
silverstormer, Jun 11 2003

       Saw them on Ally McBeal also. They were triggered by a remote control unit.
waugsqueke, Jun 11 2003

       I hate high heels. I hate what they do to my fine oak floors. So I’ve got a crew of sweaty guys out in front of my house right now, replacing my expensive brick walkway with a cheap metal grate. That way, high heels get caught in the gaps and break off. It’s a high heel to flat heel converter. <rubbing palms together at the thought> And, oh, I’ve also increased the coverage on my personal liability policy.
pluterday, Jun 12 2003

       (formally Yosarian) the heels are constructed by a weave of thin steel rods that can flex and contract sort of like a set of chinese finger cuffs. I have noticed that these flex and contract well. Once locked into position these would be quite rigid providing enough support for the average human woman.
Yosarian, Jun 13 2003


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