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Reversible-sole shoes

Make the soles of shoes reversible - confuse Shelock Holmes at crime scene
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make shoes such that the soles can rotate 180 degrees.

then as u walk away from the crime scene, the foot trails will appear like u were walking towards the crime scene..

u can also use this to confuse people in many other situations..

DC, Mar 13 2003


       Rather an old joke, don't you think?
DrCurry, Mar 13 2003

       [marked–for–deletion]: Device to aid in the commission of a crime.
Cedar Park, Mar 13 2003

       Cedar, "Device to aid in the commission of a crime" is not grounds for deletion. You need to remove that.
waugsqueke, Mar 13 2003

       //u can also use this to confuse people in many other situations..//   

       Such as?
sambwiches, Mar 13 2003

       On line.   

       Hey, he doesn't need funny shoes to do that.
sambwiches, Mar 13 2003

       Or you could just have shoes that leave an ostrich shaped print that will really confuse Holmes
Gulherme, Mar 14 2003

       Didn't Wile E. Coyote do this?
You seem to have dropped these: "y" "o".
angel, Mar 14 2003

       Baked, amazingly, by the Soviet special forces. There is a joke too...   

       A lone soldier is crossing Dartmoor, trying to evade the "enemy". He comes to a patch of snow.   

       If he walks straight across, he's ordinary infantry.   

       If he makes a point of avoiding it, he's a Para.   

       If he turns round and walks backwards, he's SAS.   

       (Substitute Corps, Regiment, nationality as appropriate)
forkhandles, Apr 13 2004

       Wouldn't this fail to confuse anyone but the most inexperienced observer, since the depth of an imprint depends on the direction of movement?   

       [admin: what waugs said; we're ignoring the marked-for-deletion tag.]
jutta, Jun 06 2004


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